16mm to DVD and Blu-Ray transfer and restoration.

16mm to DVD or BD in SD or HD telecine has only been available since 2008 when Avid Tech pioneered HD film scanning frame by frame technology.

Together with our now long standing enhancement technology, our own in-house designed FXF systems that not only do the capture in pure hardware via HDMI technology, FXF is also a powerhouse computing solution packed with i7 platforms and a unique hardware and hard disc configuration, enhanced codec programming along with some of the best software, NLE editing and DVD / BD disc creation facilities. We also provide the option of data to external hard drives for you to edit in SD or HD with flawless native DV, .avi or motion jpeg files.

16mm to DVD (SD 720×576 PAL) Transfer.

Picture_058516mm to DVD in standard definition SD comes in the 720 x 576 PAL format but what you may not know is that the output can be made in playback speeds from 8 fps to 25fps so what ever effect you want to achieve we have answers. Especially helpful is 18fps for silent film and 24 or 25fps for sound film with 25fps providing true frame discrimination as you would expect from the frame by frame telecine leaders, Avid Tech.

16mm to BD (HD 1920 x 1080p) Transfer on Blu-Ray or Hard Drive.

We imported Australia's first 16mm HD Telecine machine back in 2008 and have been offering the service ever since. The demand for for ultra High Quality 16mm to BD Blu-ray and for home editors along with indie film makers has continued to grow. 16mm film on BD in HD is glorious and only FXF Frame by frame telecine in HD can do the film complete justice silent and optical sound films in 16mm in both SD and HD.

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