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Film transfer from super 8 | 16 MM and Standard 8 film to DVD

Film transfers services Australia Wide. No matter where you live there is only one brand that stands out from the crowd. Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre is one of the largest retail film transfer services in Australia and the first choice for high quality frame-by-frame film transfers using the latest Telecine to capture each frame of your film to a corresponding video frame for the ultimate quality at sensible prices.

  • 8mm to DVD Film transfer services
  • Super 8 to DVD Film transfer service
  • 16mm to DVD
  • 16mm optical sound to DVD

Frame By Frame telecine transfer services Option For the ultimate film transfer

Image2 We offer the very best transfer method on the planet in "Frame By Frame" transfer services. Frame by frame captures each single frame of film as an individual image and then Avid Tech assembles and compiles these individual images as a continuous moving video with the maximum 100% flicker free quality.
  • Use this movie film ID chart to determine your film stock size
  • Standard 8 Frame-by-frame Telecine
  • Super 8 Frame-by-frame Telecine
  • 16 MM Film Frame-by-frame Telecine
All film to DVD Transfers are now FXF Frame-by-frame Telecine transfers and HD High Definition film transfer options are now available, but only from Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre.