Can I make a copy of any commercial DVD-R ? No you cannot record video with CSS (Content Scrambling System) encryption protecting the content. Most commercial movies available on DVD and videotape are copy protected. What am I allowed to … Continued

Super 8 Film

Launched in 1965, the film comes in plastic light-proof cartridges containing coaxial supply and take-up spools loaded with 50 feet of film. This was enough film for 2.5 minutes at the U.S. motion picture professional standard of 24 frames per … Continued

Single 8 – Fuji Film

Single 8 – Fuji Film

Single-8 is a variant 8mm movie film introduced by Fujifilm of Japan in 1965 as the alternative to the Kodak Super 8 format. Although the film is thinner, the other dimensions of Single-8 such as the sprocket holes and sound track, are the same as Super. Single-8 can be projected in super … Continued

16mm Film Transfer

16 mm film was introduced by Kodak (Eastman-Kodak) in 1923 as a low cost amateur alternative to the conventional 35mm cinema film. During the 1920s the 16mm film was often referred to as sub-standard film by the professional cinematographers. Initially … Continued

16 mm Blu-Ray Telecine

16mm to DVD Transfer frame by frame telecine in standard definition for normal DVD play but scanned at HD or go with BD Blu-ray discs in full 1080i resoloution 1900 x 1080. Scanned at an incredible 1440 TV lines which … Continued

Format FAQ

There are several competing DVD Formats: DVD-R and DVD+R. Avid Tech use and recommend DVD-R for the best compatibility with up to 99% of all DVD players please be aware that some DVD players will not accept a DVD which … Continued