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Sony’s Betamax videotape format was a legendary precursor of the video home system (VHS), invented by JVC. Sony Beta tapes endured a long period of the indignity of sharing space in video rental libraries before it disappeared and surrendered the marketplace to VHS.

Although Betamax, Betacord or more popularly just “Beta” tape is no longer made, many people still have a Sony or Sanyo beta video recorder that works even to this day. Some people are reluctant to trade in or trade up as these machines as they were extremely well built, and utterly reliable video recorders, so much so that many are still in use today.

It is probably not well understood that videotapes have a shelf life of around about 10 years with a good degree of safety for the recorded image of the Betamax videotape. Beyond this it is hard to be certain that the videotapes are still usable, and the same is true of the VHS format. Unfortunately, videotapes do not last forever, nor do they retain the recorded material indefinitely. So it may well be time to start investigating how to preserve what you do have and not lose it in the future.

Betamax to DVD Transfers and Restoration.

Transferring your Beta videotape onto DVD isn’t easy to do at home without a lot of expensive equipment, and then you are left with 30 awful problems of printing and presentation and the quality of media may also be a longer term issue. Using low quality DVD media is asking for trouble. Having your video tapes transfer from the Betamax to DVD is a job best left to the professionals.

Here’s why:

Your viewing experience will never be the same again, and it’s very affordable too.

High-quality Avid Tech DVD transfers provide you with easy navigation and quick events to the next viewing scene or chapter with ease.

Faster turnaround for most video tape transfers to DVD.

You can enjoy the benefits of:

You can drop into the office with your job – if you prefer we can delver your completed job back to you registered delivery for the safest return of your Betamax to DVD transfer.

Contact Avid Tech about our other great video tape transfers to DVD services.

Don’t forget that we also provide high-quality frame by frame film scanning from super 8 & 8mm plus 8mm home movie films.

Go on contact avidtech today. You know you want to.

Betamax to DVD


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