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CALL 1300 66 38 22 DARLINGHURST – By Appointment Only PERTH - 94 Jersey St, JOLIMONT, WA 6014 Send film and video to: Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre 94 Jersey St, JOLIMONT, WA 6014 ABN: 96 102 207 189
Payment Options: VISA. MasterCard. Australia Post Bill Pay, cash or cheque.
Film transfer to DVD - DVD from films - home movies - Super 8 . 8mm & 16mm film stock Convert/transfer to DVD or Blu-ray HD 1080p and external or internal hard drive .avi files. Videotape to DVD Convert/transfer VHS. S-VHS. VHS-C. Betamax. Hi8 and Video8 or MiniDV tapes to DVD.