Can I make a copy of any commercial DVD-R ?

No you cannot record video with CSS (Content Scrambling System) encryption protecting the content. Most commercial movies available on DVD and videotape are copy protected.

What am I allowed to copy onto disc?

You can record copyrighted music and other material for personal use (for example, broadcasts, CDs, cassettes, records, musical performances, etc.). If you intend to sell, transfer, distribute, or lease a disk recorded from any of these sources, or if you use it as part of your business, you must get permission from the copyright owner,Avid Tech can not do this for you.

When you order from Avid Tech you must complete an order form which has a copyright disclaimer and indemnity to protect Avid Tech from any legal action, you would be expected to indemnify Avid Tech and VADA for any consequential action.

Since we have no control over media sent to you the customer an indemnity is essential.

Copyright Web Site

The information – materials found in this site are only used in good faith with licensed software and or public domain and copyright GDP open source and Wik etc: in order to show the features of Avid Tech DVD’s. It is in no way intended to breach any copyright or trademark if such would be applicable. All Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Names – Logos are the property of their respective owners and such are hereby acknowledged.

All material used and displayed here does not confer or convey any rights or create any extension license towards the end-user.

If you are the owner of any such trademark or copyrighted material used here, please contact us to have us remove it if needed.

Copyright claimed

Material or items of an original nature, images and words, logos etc which are clearly the ownership embodied by Avid Tech together with company VADA “Video And DVD Australia” said companies incorporated in NSW Australia and registered business names with Fair Trading NSW State Government registry are claimed and defended in all jurisdictions applicable.

No one may use the trading names “Avid Tech” or “Video And DVD Australia” within the state of NSW.

Techniques, materials and methods.

Avid Tech and VADA provide a number of unique and propriety methods, materials and programming in the production of CD’s, DVD’s and videotapes or graphic designs.

It is not permissible to copy or reproduce media produced by these companies since the methods and techniques or software may have contingent obligations and licence limitations or conditions which neither Avid Tech or Video and DVD Australia may be able to confer onto to end users.

Public performance of any music added or created irrespective of any royalty free licence extension does not confer any such right to performance in public.

Permission may or may not be granted to use any information or images contained within this web site may be used with permission providing a link and acknowledgement append, please contact us before use of any item. Hot linking to our images is not possible.


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