Film to Blu-ray | Frame-by-frame telecine transfer

Super 8, 8 mm &16 mm to BD

We can scan all film formats frame by frame in high definition and output to either standard definition DVD or go with Blu-ray discs in full 1080i resolution 1920 x 1080.

Scanned at an incredible 1440 TV lines which is almost 3 times more scanning finesse than our standard definition scans to DVD.

Super 8 – 8mm – 16mm to DVD advantages are the colour depth (4.2.2) is twice that of normal DV video(4.1.1) the results are dramatic with Kodachrome film stock and is the best affordable transfer method on the planet.

lNot only great colour depth but each frame is scanned to the very edge, there is no frame mask so you will see up to 30% more of the frame which results in a fine transfer that is yet to be topped.

Avid Tech was the first company in Australia to introduce HD Telecine and has always been the innovation company sourcing the finest equipment and adding our own special FXF technology to the digital workstations complete with pure hardware HDMI capture with no interface or converter so the results are superb.

What is a Blu-Ray disc?

  • Blu-ray delivers full 1080p video resolution for best picture quality
  • Blu-ray Disc offers up to 5 times the storage capacity of today's DVDs
  • Blu-ray Disc provides as many as 7.1 channels of native, uncompressed
  • Crystal-clear audio entertainment
  • Blu-ray Disc players enable you to continue to view and enjoy your existing DVD libraries
  • Breakthroughs in hard-coating technologies Blu-ray Disc stronger resistance to scratches

Blu-ray BD services

  • HD Frame by frame telecine to BD Blu-Ray disc
  • BD Authoring & Artwork Colour printed disc face
  • Films Output to 1080 x 1920
  • Disc Copying - Duplication - Replication
  • Inkjet full gloss colour printing
  • BD Library case slip covers on photo quality papers
HD Telecine to Blu-Ray BD Discs
  • FXF HD ZI Frame by frame telecine
  • 8 mm Transfer - FXF Frame by frame telecine
  • Super 8 mm Transfer - FXF Frame by frame telecine
  • Stunning colour depth 4.2.2
  • Full 1920x1080 resoloution BD from 16mm film

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