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Frame-by-frame Film Transfer Telecine Service:

Frame by Frame telecine film scan to DVD transfers for the discriminating and professional customer, we offer highest quality telecine frame by frame scanning, yes that’s correct one frame at a time is scanned, captured and processed into a flawless 100% flicker free Mini DV or DVD Video transfer from your Super 8 or regular Standard 8 film stock. This method can be compared to flying spot for quality and sharpness.

World class telecine frame-by-frame film transfer to DVD equipment

All new equipment upgrade to sophisticated HD frame scanner with a cool LED light source for uniform and constant contrast without hot spots, this cool light source protects your film against burning or bleaching, broadcast quality is exceeded at a full HD resolution, nothing is left to chance.

Frame-by-frame telecine

Each individual frame of film is individually scanned and captured as a still image and later assembled into an AVI/ DV master video file. This enables us to output the transferred film to any frame rate without flicker or blended frames. Our transfers utilise an aerial image transfer process through the help of Broadcast-Quality video cameras. there are no screens or other tricks, the film is captured from the film gate directly into a video camera providing you with a crystal clear positive image which is sharply focused.

Frame by frame standard 8 and Super 8 film transfer method benefits

Frame by frame telecine film transfer service options:

Transfer of film to DVD or Mini DV Tape Blu-ray BD

Minor editing-removal of leader tapes, blank spots, and unintended sweeps to the ground etc.

Film cleaning

For the discerning client seeking the very best film transfer method, historians, historical societies, not for profit and education institutions.

Super 8mm film with magnetic or optical sound can be transferred and synchronized at an extra cost.

Orders for professional Frame by Frame transfers should be scheduled in advance prior to sending us your film stock. Normal turnaround is approximately 2 weeks plus postage times, depending on our workload. Please contact us before sending in your film stock for specific delivery times, especially if you have a looming tight deadline for a particular project. Rush orders attract an additional fee. December is the busy month so please consider your timing.


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