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1080p HD Telecine demo clip

HD High Definition TelecineFXF HD ZI Frame-by-frame HD Telecine.

16mm-Super8-8mm High Definition 1080 HD to BD Blu-Ray or HDD.

HDMI high definition film transfer process HDZI Zero Interface Frame by frame film transfer inage.jpeg FXF HD ZI – HD Zero Interface

HDMI HD 1080p Quality HD Film Transfer Telecine Services

16mm to HD files or Blu-ray

Super 8 to HD files or Blu-ray

8mm to HD files or Blu-ray

Unlike standard analog connections, HDMI is the current day digital standard of HD in the latest cameras, TV (HD Plasma + HD LCD) and video projectors.

HDMI is a full implementation of digital and has no video compression, so it doesn’t suffer from any image degradation.

Unlike DV and HDV FireWire based video standards, HDMI allows deeper colour bit depths and full color resolution, eliminating problems in high quality video. HDMI is found on the latest HD Cameras, PVR’s, Plasma HD, HD LCD televisions Blu-ray BD players and newer DVD players and integrated HD Home theater systems.

We were the first in Australia to implement HD Super 8. HD 8mm & HD 16mm frame by frame HD film transfers.

Naturally and as you would expect Avid Tech was quick to implement HD Film Transfers well in advance of others. Avid Tech has always been the leader in finding the best affordable technology and constantly looking at progress in computing, hardware and custom codec programming to provide as high a quality as is possible.


DV8HDSniper HD Telecine machine Avid Tech high resoloution super 8 & 8mm film scanning frame-by-frame telecine image.jpeg

Exclusive image use with permission Moviestuff Copyright 2014

Avid Tech HD Telecine 1080p

Avid Tech launched Australia’s most anticipated and sought after HD telecine transfer service method and was the first company in Australia to implement HD telecine with equipment made by moviestuff. 16mm, super 8 and 8mm film stock can be converted to HD BD Blu-ray or normal DVD from home movie film.

Exciting all new technologies are utilised incorporating HDMI for direct high data rate capture frame by frame.

High end computing solution features multi disk RAID arrays and the latest leading edge technologies to ensure our transfers are of a high standard every time.

Available on HD Blu-ray BD or premium DVD, external USB & IEEE Firewire hard drives.

Note: HD image has black bars either side of image as film is a 4×3 aspect ratio, normal DVD image file is down converted to 720 x 576 PAL after full resolution scanning.

HD High Definition Film Transfers

HD High Definition 1080p film scanning directly from the emulsion side of the film stock continues from our trusted and reliable legendary FXF systems FXF HD incorporates the latest technology for direct data capture of each single frame without capture cards or converters and is a hardware capture.

FXFZI HD data is fed directly to the ultra high performing digital video workstation computer as uncompressed 4.2.2 data support for 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 720p50 and 720p59.94. 720 x 576 PAL

HD Telecine Specifications: HD Super 8 . HD 8 mm. HD 16 mm HD Film Transfers

1920 x 1080 res 1080i – 720p

HDMI Video Sampling 4:2:2.
HDMI Color Precision 4:2:2.
HDMI Color Space YUV 4:2:2.
HDMI Audio Sampling Television standard sample rate of 48 kHz and 24 bit.

HD=Higher Colour Resolution 4.2.2

Normal NTSC DV, DVCPro video 4.1.1 DV PAL 4.2.0

FXF ZI-HDMI uses no compression so we can scan films without video compression, or if you choose a SD720p compression is more compatible with DVD after initial uncompressed capture.

NTSC DV & DVCPro is limited to 4:1:1 / 4.2.0 DV PAL color space so you get 1-red and 1-blue video pixel for every 4 pixels in a frame. This can cause smudged colour and colour bleed on deep colours and reduces the crispness of your films images. HDMI uses 4:2:2 video which has twice the color resolution, so your video will have less soft and smearing colour shifts. digital film transfers.

Avid Tech standard DVD transfers are of a far better quality due to the outstanding refined FXF system and true hardware stabilised compression, HD telecine adds a new dimension to our highly regarded telecine services and HD is the best available to date that we can offer.

Resulting image output scale:


Compare SD to HD Telecine resoloution SD 720 – v – HD 1080


Compare HDV telecine to HD telecine film transsfers in HD are only aviailable from Avid Tech HDV – v- HD


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