Make your family memories last for many years to come.

MiniDV to DVD Transfers

Digital Video to DVD Digital preservation of your home movies videotapes and home movie films from 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm.

miniDV tape

Now home movie nights are easy and never boring, no more embarrassing moments no more hunting for cables or fiddling with the TV’s AV input, plugs and wires.

Just load up the DVD and enjoy.

Have a giant Plasma or LCD – get ready for the viewing experience of your life.

We lose life’s little blunders for you.

Avid Tech is about Video Editing and restoration Services from your Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC or Toshiba Camcorder Tapes or JVC Camcorder.

We take out the guess work in DVD Transfers from miniDV to DVD and the learning curve, AVID TECH can provide you with a finished home movie that plays on standard DVD players at a very modest cost complete with Hollywood titles, background music and the appropriate scenes you want to show. Your finished movie comes complete with see through envelope and printed colour DVD.

Our service is designed for video camera users who are unable to edit or transfer to main viewing formats of DVD and VHS.

Full DVD quality vision and sound just like the movies, it’s your movie, be proud to show it off.

Family History – Family Memories

Digital Scanning-Digitisation of Photos. 35mm Slides. Negatives-Colour or B&W onto DVD Slide Show.

Home Movies


Transferring your home movie MiniDV videotapes to DVD will make them last a lifetime. We can transfer your DV tapes onto crystal clear DVD’s.

Premium transfer includes menu scene selection menu, chapters at each scene change- colour printed DVD.

Transfer up to 90 minutes of DV video on to one single layer DVD

180 or 240 minute Video tapes Require 2 DVD’s to maintain quality and performance.

All DV digital video DVD Transfers to DVD are entirely digital and the time code is not lost everything stays exactly the same, noise reduction and colour correction processed to ensure high quality and unlike some we ensure the best possible bit rate of 9100 for a superior transfer.

Premium transfer service with menu and intro sound available. Our MiniDV video-editing service is a great way to make you great video into a fantastic production you will ne proud to show to your family and friends

Have Questions about Mini DV to DVD or any DVD Transfer? Email Avid Tech

AVID TECH cannot copy any commercial copyright or TV programs without you obtaining permission in writing from the copyright owners.

We transfer the following videotape formats: VHS to DVD, VHS-C, S-VHS, MiniDV, Digital 8, Hi-8 videotape. Transfers are also available to mini DV.

Digital capture on JVC Pro DV Decks incorporates DV time code copying for the best jitter free results. We use and recommend JVC and Sony.

Every DVD we create is just that a new creation and a stunning visual transformation. We do not treat your video in a sausage line manner; sure we are a DVD producer but we are not a copy mill and all our work is individual, no mass production and no robots.

Real people making real DVD’s for real people.

Library Case and colour printed sleeve are included

Video mini DV editing services – Audio editing services

Avid Tech DVD Transfers also offer video and audio editing services

The Process explained.

Unlike some other DVD transfer services, we transfer by direct digital IEEE transfer to hard drive in native AVI/DV format and convert this file in a two pass conversion to DVD ready files (VOB) we do not MPEG capture. Bit rates for videos are at 7000+ bits for the ultimate quality transfer, even our budget priced DVD’s receive this same incredible treatment.

We believe that low cost should not mean low quality, the only difference between our low cost and premium DVD is the DVD Authoring features are added to Standard and Premium transfers, our low cost version has no menu and is start on insert and hit play button. We never compromise on quality. 180 and 240-minute tapes require 2 DVD’s to maintain our standards.

All new Multi CPU video editing workstation dedicated digital audio means you get the best loss free error free DVD transfer from Mini DV possible.

Today’s equipment, not some tired old home PC or office hack machine or outdated DVD creator and most certainly no DVD Recorders are used at Avid Tech, this is important for you because you can find cheaper but you run the risk of a low grade transfer with a domestic dvd recorder basic menu. If you are paying to have it done, have it done by someone who knows how to create a unique DVD viewing experience especially made for you.


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