Single 8 – Fuji Film

Single-8 is a variant 8mm movie film introduced by Fujifilm of Japan in 1965 as the alternative to the Kodak Super 8 format.

Although the film is thinner, the other dimensions of Single-8 such as the sprocket holes and sound track, are the same as Super. Single-8 can be projected in super 8 projectors and vice versa. Single-8 comes pre-loaded in B-shaped cartridges, with two separate spools unlike the coaxial system of Kodak cartridge. As a result, Single-8 film offered unlimited rewind, whereas super 8 rewind was limited to several seconds and relied on there being sufficient empty space within the cartridge.

Single 8  film cartridge

The Single 8 cartridge was designed to use the camera’s film gate to hold the film in place, in contrast to the Kodak system which had a moulded plastic gate built into the film cartridge.

Single 8 has a polyester film base that is thinner than the Kodak films, so splicing the two formats together in a finished film may require adjustments in splicing or editing, mixed format film will not be a problem with true frame by frame telecine machines, but could cause slight focus issues with projectors.

Although never as popular as Super 8, the format continued to exist in a parallel film makers universe. As of early 2007, Fuji still manufactures two versions of Single-8 film. Fujichrome R25N is Daylight film , while Fujichrome RT200N is tungsten balanced for indoor filming. The sounded Fuji brand is extinct as is Kodaks super 8 sound film, although a magnetic sound stripe can be added to the film after processing. This option is chosen whenever sending the exposed film to Fuji in Japan. In addition to Fuji’s own film, B&W is available from Japan company Retro Enterprises.

This Single-8 black & white film, named Retro X, is of ISO 100 . 200 and is manufactured in Germany these days.

Although Fujifilm has stopped export of Single-8 Film to other countries, individual companies in the US & EU import the film stock independently.

Single-8 is readily available in its home country of Japan where even used cameras can command quite high prices.

Single 8 can be converted by Avid Tech to DVD or HD Blu-ray BD

Single 8 has no special requirements for telecine transfer to DVD


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