Super 8 DVD

Australian DVD Transfer Centre Highest quality telecine transfer services available in 500 TV Lines standard telecine, 800 TV Lines Broadcast Standard Telecine and Australia’s first true 1440 TV Lines HD telecine.

Frame by frame film transfers to DVD or BD (Blu-Ray) can be as affordable as lesser quality or projector based transfers starting at an amazingly low 35 cents per foot.

And the best part? We only use the best frame capture technology available today.

Cross flow for error free telecine that produce sharper images, clear & crisp vision, higher colour depth and far better contrast than the original equipment specifications.

Comparing our telecine system with others using the same telecine:


Over Exposed – Low contrast – excessive Gamma. Low end PC

data errors, inneficient production throughput. Software encoding.

usually only Super 8 or  8mm

No film cleaning or dusting only

Can not handle – fragile films – Vinegar Syndrome

Will not disclose equipment or system used.

Outdated and outmoded energy hungry equipment.

Avid Tech:

Correct Exposure / Long light path

High contrast – high colour saturation

Error free frame cross flow FXF technology

Dedicated PC workstations for all 5 telecine machines

Full film care service cleaning & cement splicing repairs

Fragile Film Experts – Vinegar Syndrome treatment & recovery

Plenty of open views of our FXF-DV8 Sniper Series Telecine in this website.

Latest energy green rated equipment – all PC’s are upgraded regularly.

Why do more people choose Avid Tech for their family memories transfers than any other service provider?

Cost effective – from 35 cents per foot – compares with prices for low end transfers with better final outcomes

Higher quality options 500, 800 or 1440 TV line scan resolution

More choice:

Better presentation DVD’s are colour printed on gloss discs with custom packaging


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