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Super 8 Transfer – Conversions to DVD

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Avid Tech Super 8 film to DVD convert / transfer telecine to round out the preservation of all your precious memories onto DVD.

While the majority of DVD transfers / conversions we do at Avid Tech are from video tapes, we also provide high-quality telecine transfers of your older 8 mm and super 8 film stock to DVD or Mini DV and Digital 8 masters. We provide 2 transfer options to suit your budget and quality needs.

Standard Definition Frame by Frame film Scan telecine for unsurpassed image quality and stability, it is truly the last word in film transfer to SD DVD.

HD Super 8 film Frame-by-frame Telecine to 720p DVD or 1080i Blu-ray BD DVD

Both methods offer 100% flicker free results combined with a custom DVD and choice of lower cost standard transfers and a premium service that includes background music and titles with editing out leader strip and blank spots along with unintended scene removal.

Why do Avid Tech offer more options than any one else?

Simple; we understand film transfers and we also understand people have real needs and issues to contend with. Avid Tech offers low cost and also superb world class premium quality frame by frame film scanning telecine transfers for those who demand the best transfer method on the planet. For more information about the frame by frame method see our Frame by Frame film transfer info.

Your film will first be transferred flicker free to computer, and then to DVD using our High Tech quality equipment for preservation and easy viewing.  We do not use domestic DVD recorders; each DVD is made on our high tech dual and quad CPU video editing suite computers.

Choose our Basic DVD for easy cost effective conversion, or our Premium option to have total control and customize your DVD with our video editing and authoring solutions.

Super 8 films telecine film to DVD


Convert / transfer Super 8 Movie Film Direct to DVD or mini DV

Super 8 mm Movie film is hard to set-up so you can watch and is easily damaged. By transferring to DVD it can be preserved for a lifetime and is easier to watch on your TV, while still having the option to use your projector for the original effect of the home movie experience.

AVID TECH DVD Transfer from movie film can also include original music scores, set to rock, jazz and classical music. We accept Standard 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm movie film. Transfers to VHS and mini DV – videotapes are also available

Gold Direct transfer to DVD

Platinum transfer to DVD with editing menu royalty free music scores

Platinum Plus DVD 720p SD (HD Scanned)

HD FXFZI Blu-ray 1080i


Super 8 mm film

50 feet reels 3 inch lasts 3.5 minutes

200 ft reel 5 inch lasts about 21 minutes

400 feet 7 inch reel lasts about 30 minutes

This is a guide only as exposure rate of frames per second affect running time.

Small quantity reels can also be made onto DVD.

What about my old 8mm and 16mm films

Most 8mm and 16mm film stock is mostly around 30 ~ 40 years or more of age and many people have kept films in less than ideal storage, which can cause problems with colour fade and brittleness. It really is a good era to transfer / convert film to DVD before things get really bad and film becomes deteriorated beyond recovery or restoration.

Films kept in containers and stored in a cool dry inside your house are very likely to be in excellent condition and should transfer well however if your film suffers from dust, mould or mildew or has been affected by gases or chemicals those films require special attention. Avid Tech can help with most films in fair condition; Specialists can be called in to treat important historical film.

Has it been that long?

When was the last time you had a family film night? A long time ago I suspect, most people no longer have a projector let alone one that works or is not in need of repair, globe replacement has become problematic for many brands no longer supported.

To overcome these issues it is time to reproduce your family history film to DVD.

Since Avid Tech is all about Family History and family memories we are dedicated to producing high quality DVD’s from film for the family historian.

We receive many orders for many different things but Avid Tech is best known for supporting and providing the widest range of multimedia services for the family historian and the majority of our work involves movies and films about children growing up, weddings from t in the main, we also receive many world travel films and videos to edit and produce to DVD.

We love what we do and are really happy to see finished works come to life and immortalise a period of time. Nostalgic? You bet.

Old films are a passion for us and we do it well.

Who do you trust?

Price reflects quality to large extent; while we do have budget options our mainstay premium products are  popular and very competitive, you can trust Avid Tech to provide technical excellence in telecine and to use the right high powered dual and quad CPU video editing workstation computers which ensure error free and frame drop free conversions of film to DVD. Our DVD’s are colour printed as standard.

Optional items are library case and colour printed case jacket sleeve they are standard on our premium film transfer to DVD packages. Controlling costs is easier at Avid Tech with more options and choice.

The ultimate DVD telecine transfer is one that is well authored and has a great looking easy to use and follow DVD menu system, it should also include scene selection for as many scenes as are required we do not limit you here but the physical limit for a DVD scene selection is 99 Scenes, some will limit you to 30 scenes and also provide only  chapter points at 3 minute intervals in a so called premium product this is not acceptable. Avid Tech creates scene selection menu with scenes at scene change points not at some computer generated fixed interval.

We ensure our DVD’s work well and are of the highest standard possible. The high bit rate multi pass encoding on quality equipment we use means you receive a DVD that plays correctly and smoothly, no jerks and freeze frames from poor transfer methods.

We only use the best gear and software so you know our DVD’s are right up there with the very best you can get.


We trusted AVID TECH with our irreplaceable memories and they came back on DVD looking so good. Movie nights were always so complicated and boring, now all we do is load up the DVD.

If you like what we do why not tell a friend about AVID TECH.


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