Super 8 to DVD Demo Clip

They say “seeing is believing”, so have a look at the Flash video above. Note that the quality of flash video is really low compared with DVD or avi files made from film.

Others will show you a few seconds of film transfer and you do need to be aware of doctoring or the use of stock footage that was not done by the provider as claimed or implied.  Only Avid Tech is capable of true frame-by-frame telecine directly scanned from the films surface and not via a separate video camera and convex lens or mirrors.

Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre is a well known and trusted in the industry, your assurance of quality and superior technological film transfer innovation including true 1080p HD film scans to BD Blu-ray.

Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre demo super 8 to DVD film clips

You will see various video clips on google from us and we will have a master page of all our clips on this site somewhere in due course:-) Please be aware that in order to protect our work from being used by others we have to have a logo on our online videos - you will not see these on your DVD or BD as we have a separate advertisement we may add to DVD's from time to time. Super 8 - 8mm or 16mm film clips offer differing colour rendition and saturation with the trusty Kodak Kodachrome II a legend in it's own time and also now. Vibrant colours are really only possible with true Frame by frame technology and the ultra high resolution of HD can be used to provide stunnng quality imagery on DVD in SD Standard Defintion because Avid Tech has mastered the HD technology since 2008 so we are pretty good at providing better quality every time, but we do realise that top quality has a high price tag and it is not for everyone so we still provide our standard affordable transfer service to help you have a great transfer at a reasonable cost.