Super 8 Film Transfers

Super 8 transfers to DVD or Mini DV videotape

Avid Tech offers frame by frame FXF super 8 and 8mm Telecine service, clear and bright Super 8 film transfer. Brilliant whites, glorious natural skin tones and formidable colour accuracy.

Super 8 and Standard 8 millimeter film are getting quite old, we recently transferred film from 1956 Melbourne Olympics which was stored in perfect conditions and the transfer was a compete success but be warned this is now becoming the exception as film stocks age and lose colour and condition, become brittle or just breaking down.

Most films we transfer are from the 60’s and 70’s with occasional 1950’s which are showing severe signs of age. Film breakage is now very common during transfers due to age alone.

Vinegar Syndrome- Vinegar Effect of 8mm and Super 8 films

Preserve your family heritage.

Having your family memories from film, photographs and 35 mm slides will allow you to provide the ultimate gift to children and grandchildren and therefore future generations will be able to relive your memories for many years to come.

The best way to pass on heritage, culture, traditions and values you hold dear is the key to your family unity and strength. Your thoughts and ideas can be kept safe forever on an Avid Tech DVD.

Remember: The future of the past is in your hands today.

Family historians and geneology materials resources include film transfers, photos, slides and even 78 RPM recordings all done for you by the experts at Avid Tech.

Who are our Super 8 transfer customers?

Our clients come from all walks of life and backgrounds, cultural, ethnic and economic.

  • Mum’s and Dad’s
  • Grandparents
  • Movie Collectors
  • Antique dealers
  • Family historians
  • Genealogists
  • Historical Societies
  • Schools and Community Groups

Where do our customers come from?

All over Australia, Cities, towns, country and remote areas as well as countries such as New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Why do people choose Avid Tech DVD Transfers over others?

  • Avid Tech provides an option for Master Video tape backups on Mini DV tape – Digital 8 Tape. In this way you are covered.
  • Avid Tech captures movie film in native AVI/DV format, we never capture in MPEG2 which degrades your finished product.
  • Avid Tech DVD’s can be copied at home, we do not block home copies.
  • Each DVD can be played in any region with the PAL system. NTSC versions also available.
  • Avid Tech DVD’s are highly compatible with 99% of all DVD players
  • Each DVD we create is tested on DVD players before delivery to ensure you have a trouble free viewing experience.
  • Avid Tech treats each project as a project and not as a production mill item, as a dedicated studio we provide individual attention to each project in a personal way.

What is in it for you?

  • Excellent quality film transfer from Super 8 movie films
  • Highest Quality DVD. Now with advance and improved scratch resistance
  • for greater durability and reliability.
  • Colour Printed DVD face and title.
  • Basic editing is included to remove leader tape and blank spots, unintended camera sweeps and seriously out of focus scenes are all removed.
  • Standard DVD.
  • DVD library case – Colour printed jacket sleeve

Secure Postage

Standard return by Registered Post or Express Post

Optional Double secure, separate return of films and DVD’s


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