Mini DV

Digital Video (DV) is a digital videotape format concise by Sony, JVC, Pneumonic and other video camera makers and launched in 1995.

In its smaller tape MiniDV, has since become a standard for home and semi-professional video production; it is sometimes used for professional purposes as well, such as film making.

MiniDV has been one of the true success stories in videotape and handycam down size efforts to make the video camera a mainstream pocket.

It features superior image quality and relative ease for home editing due to the digital storage.

Content can easily be saved to your computer albeit still in real time. Mini DV is starting to make way for cameras equipped with memory cards or SD cards and hard drives too so the camera can be even more compact than ever.

Is there a future for MiniDV?

Most manufacturers have already phased out manufacture of miniDV formats as they scramble to make true HD cameras a possibility as a universal medium. We note that head cleaning tapes are hard to come by and some manufacturers are moving on to solid state storage more than ever before.

MiniDV/DVC vs. Digital8

Once a hot topic of contention in the digital media world and consumer electronics. These days there is no longer an argument let alone a debate over the the 2 formats and the cost argument is no longer relevant as SD cards are now cheaper than videotapes it is now more a question of preserving what you do have and making sure the new technology allows you to merge into the Blu-ray and 3D TV future. This has eclipsed the whole notion of disc storage and is more about PVR hard drive media storage for recording television.

Both the digital tape formats are losing ground as the market insists that videotape is a thing of the past and will gravitate to the new technologies quicker than in the past.

So what to do with all those family events and holidays, memories and functions on digital video? Get them transferred on to DVD as soon as possible. We’re finding it harder to get hold of miniDV and Digital 8 players – a sure sign that in years to come it may not be possible to find equipment to even play those tapes.

If you can do it yourself all is good and well otherwise if you want it done properly with a decent menu, basic editing and colour printing of the disc and case cover send your tapes to Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre for transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray today.


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