Conversion / Transfer of VHS-C tapes to DVD

Avid Tech’s VHS-C to DVD transfer services offers quick high quality VHS-C to DVD conversions with options no one else can offer. VHS-C to DVD Studio Grade DVD Media or VHS-C to DVD on Platinum Certified Media and our well regarded Platinum Presentation Option with Editing included and much more than the average VHS-C to DVD tranfer.

About VHS-C

VHS-C was the compact VHS format introduced in 1982 and used for compact video cameras. The VHS-C format is based on the same videotape as is used in VHS, and can be played back in a standard VHS VCR with an VHS-C Adapter. Though quite inexpensive, the format is largely obsolete even as a consumer standard and so has been replaced in the marketplace by digital video formats, which offer smaller form factors such as Mini DV and SD card – hard drive video cameras.

VHS-C to DVD disk imageFROMCibvert / Transfer VHS-C to DVD=VHS-C to DVD transfers case covers

Surprisingly you can still buy brand newVHS-C videotapes at your local supermarket so there is obviously still a lot of these VHS-C cameras in use today.

Again, as in previous video formats, the day will come when you are no longer have reliable storage and it needs to be moved on to a digital format.

So what to do with VHS-C Videotapes?

Obviously, the quicker you can get them digitised with our VHS-C to DVD Transfer Service the better. Videotapes have the storage life of approximately 10 years with a margin of safety. Beyond this, they can’t be guaranteed. VHS-C also requires an adapter to be played in a VHS VCR, these adapters are now becoming extremely difficult to get hold of. So if yours is broken or lost, you may find it almost impossible to deal with the matter.

Having your VHS-C videotapes transferred to DVD is quick and easy and affordable too.

Avidtech will provide you with a quality brand name DVD, which is colour printed and supplied in a library case with our high quality for colour print on proper photo paper. As we believe presentation is as important as the family memories contained in our DVD cases.

Having a VHS-C compact video cassette means it is difficult to share with others without be absolutely vital video adapter and you would have a much better chance of being able to share your family memories on DVD quickly and efficiently with extraordinary presentation to match your vision.

VHS-C to DVD transfers.

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DVD from VHS-C videotape transfer


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