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VHS to DVD Conversions

Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre provides cost effective VHS to DVD transfer and conversion services for Australian families no matter where you are located – we are as close as your nearest letter box RMB or Post Office.

We offer 2 levels of service to suit your budget and quality needs:

Studio Plus Direct to DVD – Studio Grade DVD Media. Chapters and motion menu – minimal editing. From $30.00

Platinum Plus Enhanced

transfer to Platinum Certified media DVD Chapters and Deluxe Motion Menu – remove blank spots and defects – Transfer from professional S-VHS (VCR-VTR) tape decks and professional analogue to digital converters. From 65.00

VHS is on the way out:

The VHS VCR is as good as dead as a dodo technology these days: long live the versatile video disk DVD. Now that VHS to DVD transfers are affordable and of the highest quality, there’s no good reason to keep all those old VHS tapes lying around with your precious and cherished family memories. VHS videocassettes are getting old, will fade and deteriorate over time, are subject to breakage and slow to access the point you want to see. VHS tape no longer impress and if your wedding is on a VHS videotape and it is over 10 years old you better get on to it quick smart. You can do it yourself if you have the equipment time and software-hardware or you can have a professional service provider do it all for you.

Transfer Video tapes to DVD with Avid Tech

Make your family memories last forever…


Tapes are a sore point

Compared to DVDs, videocassettes take up much more space, break and get stuck in the VCR more often, suffer from lower video and sound quality, waste your time fast forwarding,and hey let’s face it they don’t play on computers, can’t travel as well in the post. DVD’s on the other hand last forever, are quick and easy to pick the scene you want, Instantly and are superior in vision and audio, plus are smaller and lighter to post-save time,space and postage with your family memories forever on DVD.

Video VHS to certified quality media DVD convert / transfer videotape to DVD

Standard VHS to DVD – VHS-C to DVD + S-VHS to DVD transfers

From $45.00 inc GST plus delivery.

Digital preservation of your home movies videotapes, films and photos.

VHS to DVD from Videotapes

Now home movie night are easy and never boring, no more embarrassing moments.

Custom edited VHS DVD From $65.00 per 90 minute tape including GST plus Registered Post

We lose life’s little blunders for you.

People trust AVID TECH DVD Transfers with their irreplaceable memories.

We take out the guess work and the learning curve, AVID TECH can provide you with a finished home movie that plays on standard DVD players at a very modest cost complete with Hollywood titles, background music and the appropriate scenes you want to show. Your finished movie comes complete with see through envelope and printed colour disk.

Our service is designed for video camera users who are unable to edit or transfer to main viewing formats of DVD and VHS.

Full DVD quality vision and sound just like the movies, it’s your movie, be proud to show it off.

VHS to DVD Transfers – We use Certified Quality Media with gloss printed disk face – photo quality.

DVD’s are specified to hold its content safe and sound for years. VHS recording can last as little as 20 years, but image and sound quality deterioration becomes evident in as little as 2~5 years. If you want your wedding video to last long enough so the grandchildren can see it, there’s really no choice is there?

Family History – Family Memories

Transferring your home movie videotapes to DVD will make them last a lifetime. We can transfer your tapes onto crystal clear DVD’s.

People trust AVID TECH with their precious memories.

Premium transfer includes chapters at each scene change – colour printed DVDs and slicks in quality cases.

Transfer up to 90 minutes of video on to one DVD

180 or 240 minute Video tapes Require 2 or 3 DVD’s to maintain quality and performance.

All video to DVD Transfers are time base corrected (TBC), noise reduction and colour correction processed to ensure high quality and unlike some we ensure the best possible bit rate for a superior transfer.

Premium transfer service with animated menu and intro sound available. Or consider an edified version of your great video. See our video-editing page for more info.

Have Questions about convert / transfer VHS to DVD or any DVD Transfer?

AVID TECH cannot copy commercial copyright or TV programs without you obtaining permission in writing from the copyright owners.

DVD’s last a lifetime

Brilliant Clear Vision and Sound

A great solution for preserving your camcorder videotapes to DVD.

Avid TechDVD Transfer Centre disc that can be played on almost any modern DVD Player.

We transfer the following videotape formats: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Beta-Max HIFI, MiniDV, Digital 8, Hi-8 videotape. Transfers are also available to VHS and mini DV Videotape Video CD- Super Video CD and of course DVD.


Your great video event transferred to DVD, for an awesome new look for your home movie no matter the event, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby milestones, your overseas holiday travel movie, just about anything or any family history project you have dreamed up we can transfer to DVD which is so much easier and convenient than hooking up the camcorder to your TV.

The very best videotape VHS to DVD transfer method

Digital capture on JVC Pro S-VHS Decks incorporates DV time code copying for the best jitter free results. We use and recommend Pinnacle Systems and Canopus (pro Level) and AMD Opteron Dual CPU edit suites. Digital master burned to best quality brand name DVD. Title Menu, Disk printed name (not felt tip pens) Trailers-Previews in their own chapter. Your movie starts at the beginning.

The perfect solution AVID TECH Digital DVD Transfer Services are the easiest and most convenient way to transfer your home movies – videotapes, movie film, 35mm slides and prints to DVD or VHS tape. AVID TECH offers many choices for you to protect and preserve precious memories to DVD to last a lifetime!

Personalised picture menu front ends Avid Tech is a leader and the first to create such stunning vision in video tape to DVD transfer menu.

Stunning Menu backgrounds text or graphical

Every DVD we create is just that a new creation and a stunning visual transformation. We do not treat your video in a sausage line manner; sure we are a DVD producer but we are not a copy mill and all our work is individual, no mass production and no robots. Real people making real DVDs for real people.

Brand new high quality DVD

Title Printing on Disc

White Disk Sleeve w/window

High Priority-Friendly Service

Country friendly – City smart technology.

Additional Services

Library Case and colour printed sleeve are available

Video editing services – Audio editing services

Avid Tech DVD Transfersalso offer video and audio editing services

Benefits to you

More convenient payment options

Quality and price performance

Convenient – Efficient

We are as close as your letterbox and Post Office

Stunning clarity, better picture quality in most cases than the original tape, crystal clear sound when you order from AVID TECH VHS toDVD Transfers.

The very best DVD starts with the highest quality DVD we do not use cheap no name DVD’s

Your project is important to us too and that is why we use only Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden stock DVD’s

The Process explained.

Unlike some other DVD transfer services, we transfer by direct digital IEEE transfer to hard drive in native AVI/DV format and convert this file in a two pass conversion to DVD ready files (VOB) we do not MPEG capture. Bit rates for videos are at 9000+ bits for the ultimate quality transfer, even our budget priced DVD’s receive this same incredible treatment.

We believe that low cost should not mean low quality, the only difference between our low cost and premium DVD is the DVD Authoring features are added to Standard and Premium transfers, our low cost version has no menu and is start on insert and hit play button. We never compromise on quality. 180 and 240-minute tapes require 2 DVD’s to maintain our standards.

First class all new equipment. Professional S-VHS VTR’s. Features 13 purpose built Multi CPU Video Editing Workstations Intel Quad CPU and AMD Dual. Multi HDD RAID. IEEE1394 High end Nvidia GET FORCE PCI-X Pro. Digital Input from S-VHS and MiniDV.


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