Transfer Video8 to DVD with Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre for superb, high quality conversions.

Convert Video 8 to DVD Platininum Certified Media DVD – full colour disc printing – thumbnails graphical motion menu – quality DVD case slip cover in full high gloss colour personalised just for you.

At Avid Tech we take great pride in matching older technologies with the most up to date state of the art AVDC converters and high end video editing workstations based on the new generation i7 and the best software, media and our technical ability to turn out a personal product at a really affordable cost to you.

Video 8 tapes are getting a little old now and you need to decide what needs to be done properly and  what you can live without – the rest you can send to Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre.

About Video 8 – 8mm Video format:

Video8 or Video 8 is also referred to as 8mm video. cassettes are similar for Video 8 and HI8 in physical dimensions but are printed as Video 8 and or HI8 as the case may be, HI8 is also used in most Digital 8 cameras.

The 8 mm video8 format refers to three related video tape formats for all television systems.

These are the original Video8 analogue or 8mm Video format and its improved successor Hi8 (both analogue & digial), as well as a more recent digital format known as Digital8.

Time to transfer your Video8 tapes to DVD? Avid Tech provide quality tranfers with colour printed DVD &  slip covers in brilliant full gloss colour.

Video8 to DVD.


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