Film to DVD Transfers

Super 8, 8mm and 16mm film.


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Video - Films To DVD or HD Blu-ray

Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre is Australia's most trusted brand name for high quality film to DVD & Blu-ray transfers. We use the latest frame by frame film capture and processing technology. Our telecine conversions are available from 8mm, super 8 or 16mm to SD DVD or 1920 x 1080 Blu-ray.

High Quality Transfers.

Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre is Australia's largest dedicated BD and DVD transfer facility - more telecine units (5 including 16mm HD as well as HD Super 8 plus 8mm). Our super 8, 8mm and 16mm film transfer equipment is made in the USA and used by discerning Film transfer technicians. Superior to other methods other than Rank Cinetel flying spot transfers that can cost more than 10 times as much.

Our method is so good that each frame of film can be printed on a standard 6 x 4 photo as a good quality image, it's that simple - clear, sharp and colourful like no other.

We provide true frame by frame capture transfer and conversion of small format movie film stock (16mm - Standard 8 - Normal 8 or Regular 8mm - Super 8) to DVD or BD, external USB HDD avi, mov, mpeg2, QuickTime, DV, uncompressed avi, motion jpeg avi HD 1080p video data files for NLE video editing.

Our telecine equipment has no mirrors or convex lens of the entry level gear or "off the frame" projectors.

You will not find this level of service quality anywhere else. Telecine was once expensive and exclusive, these days it is now more affordable and compares favourably on price with lower quality projector transfers of 16mm - super 8 - 8mm film.




Exclusive FXF and HD FXF Zi film transfers benefits:

  • No Sprockets to damage you film - FXF/FXF Zi - is highly suited for old and fragile film
  • It is the only safe transfer method for film suffering Vinegar Effect - Vinegar Syndrome
  • No hot lamps - LED light source generates no heat
  • Transports film under capstan tension only - no gears or sprockets
  • FXF/FXFZi Frame Cross Flow technology ensures no dropped frames or errors during capture
  • FXF-COV custom codec especially enhances contrast and sharpness
  • HD or SD output options DVD - 1080i Blu-ray BD from film stock


Super 8, 16mm and 8mm film transfer to DVD and Blu-ray BD discs.

Output formats: Convert / Transfer 16mm Super 8 and 8mm movie film to:

  • Playable DVD-R High Quality Certified Media
  • .avi data Disc DVD-R
  • QuickTime .mov and avi data Disc DVD
  • MPEG to data DVD
  • HD 1080p Blu-ray BD
  • e-SATA / Firewire External Hard Disk Drives
  • Mini DV Master Videotape